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Youth Leadership Council

If you would like to schedule a Youth Leadership Council presentation at your school or organization -

or if you know of a teen that would be interested in joining,

please contact INSPIRE Adolescent Health & Wellness at

607.776.9467 ext. 226 or 229.

Possible Session Topics Include:

  • "Staying Inspired" Documentary Series Screening & Discussion

  • Teen Pregnancy/Parenthood

  • Youth Volunteerism & Giving Back

  • Bullying

  • 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE: Empowering Youth Through Connections

Roles & Responsibilities of Members:

  • Coordinate, facilitate, and lead peer education sessions

  • Attend meetings, public events, fairs, etc. on behalf of INSPIRE

  • Participate in campaigns, both online and off

  • Co-develop curriculum, session structures, etc.

In acknowledging, supporting, and implementing a holistic approach to adolescent health and wellness, INSPIRE has transformed the former Teen Parent Panels into the newly created Youth Leadership Council. The project will enhance the valuable benefits of previous panels, while simultaneously expanding beyond teen pregnancy to offer a range of topics to be covered.


The Youth Leadership Council is an innovative program that supports young people in advocating for their own health and the health of their peers. The Youth Leadership Council engages youth and their communities through peer education, online and offline campaigns, and empowerment to make decisions regarding health and wellness.


Members of the Youth Leadership Council coordinate, facilitate, and lead INSPIRE ’s peer education work at local schools, programs, and organizations. The young leaders share their real stories of inspiration, providing relatable and relevant experiences for students and adults alike.


The Youth Leadership Council facilitates peer education sessions in schools, after-school programs, community centers, and more! Each session can be customized to fit your needs! Ranging from single class period discussion sessions to larger, assembly style presentations, the Youth Leadership Council can provide an innovative, informative, and inspirational component to your current lessons.


Peer Education Opportunity

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