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Each year, INSPIRE Adolescent Health & Wellness holds an Annual Conference & Meeting, which highlights current issues and trends surrounding Adolescent Health & Wellness through Task Force-approved presentations. After reviewing submitted Requests for Presentations, the Task Force selects those topics that are broad, evolving, and inspiring for attendees, which includes human service professionals, health providers, educators, community leaders, and parents.

With so many shifting issues and topics regarding Adolescent Health & Wellness, it is imperative that professionals working with youth stay up-to-date. As the Annual Conference features presentations on broader, emerging themes, INSPIRE professional development offers monthly trainings and workshops that provide knowledge expansion, support, and resource sharing for specific, locally focused issues.

The INSPIRE Award is given annually to someone living or serving in Steuben County who continuously serves as a positive role model while encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle.


Learn about this year's honoree!

Professional Development

Annual Conference
Monthly Training & Workshops
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